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                      關于我們 ABOUT US

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                      Sincerity, Quality, Service 







                      ZTM Ltd wasestablished from a national military industry enterprise to a large-scalemechanic company with advanced technology. Tower crane and construction hoistproductions have been the main focus of our research with a professional teamof relative expects. With the rapid development of more than ten years, ZTM Ltd  became a recognized name as well as amodel company in the field of architecture and mechanics.

                           We have a group of stable and high-classcustomer groups, mainly from Yichun City Jiangxi Province, and also scatter inother provinces like Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong, Fujian, Anhui, Shanxi, Guizhou,Yunnan, etc. We have been building a competitive top brand image and developing in the other areas of China rapidly.

                          Cooperating with academies for technologicalexchange has been the key approach to supply the company’s creativity and competency. We havebeen partnership with East China JIaotong University, Nanchang University,Wuhan University and Nanhua University to improve the technological progressand creativity. Currently we have obtained a few patent rights for theinventions as well as more than ten certificates from SIPO.

                         The latest ZT Sharp-head and ZTT Flat-headseries crane towers have been invented by ZTM Ltd for more than 40 years hardwork, which are sound quality with various sizes. SC, SCD and SCBP seriesconstruction hoist productions has been assembled with the good quality worldlyrenown branded electronic elements, which emphasize the safety and stability.Among these series productions, Energy-saving Hydraulic Construction Lift hasreached the top-level quality in the world that enable people to move smoothly,safely, comfortably and suitable for both household use and specialconstruction projects. ZT6012 & ZTT7015 model Tower Crane and SC200/SC200BVmodel Hydraulic Construction Hoist have been privileged that receive the rewardas the Popular Renting Construction Production of China.

                          ZTM Ltd possesses the advanced professionalintelligent equipments and facilities, combining perfectly with the updatedhigh-efficient ERP enterprise organization system. We try our best to guaranteethe customer benefits and to provide the products and service superior to theexpectations of customers.

                         “Sincerity, Quality and Serving” are the foundation principles of our company. We aim to developbetter products and better service for our customers and the whole society. Wewere honored to achieve the title as “NationalInnovational Technical Enterprise”, “Jiangxi Province Branded Production”, “Jiangxi Province AAA-level Quality Company”and “Jiangxi Province Modern Enterprise OrganisationSystem”. Because of the active participation of publicwelfare programs, we have received the rewards as “Contributionsfor 3+1 Program”, “Red-crossDonation Star”, “Start-upCompany Support” etc..

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